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Linus Klausenitzer

Current Band:Obscura, Alkaloid
Associations:Obscura, Alkaloid, Fretless Bass, Eternity's End, Noneuclid, Technical Death Metal
Services:Live/Touring Bassist, Session Bass, Website Building
Bio:As a son of two musicians, Linus Klausenitzer was faced with music at a very young age. Before he found his passion in playing the bass when he was 15 years old, he learned to play piano and trumpet. After graduating at a musical secondary school, he studied at the music college in Regensburg and graduated from a study course in popmusic at the conservatory in Hamburg. Having gained experience in bands of several genres, the German bass player found his main place in the genre that he has always loved most: Metal Music. He started to perform internationally as a band member of Fall of Serenity and his first experimental band Noneuclid. After recording their masterpiece "Metatheosis" Noneuclid's pioneering spirit led to an appearance in the renowned contemporary music festivals “Dag in de Branding” (Den Haag) and “Dutch Music Days” (Amsterdam), where the band premiered the 25-minute death metal symphony “Black Vortex Cathedral” as soloists along with the world famous "Dutch Metropole Orchestra", in front of a stunned classical audience in the fall of 2008. Far away from earlier collaborations between orchestras and metal bands, which mostly tend to be cheesy and shallow, "Black Vortex Cathedral" became a multidimensional plunge into an emotional abyss whose demands drove all musicians to their limits. In 2010, the band embarked on their next symphonic collaboration, this time with Linus's father Professor Ulf Klausenitzer’s "Bavarian Chamber Orchestra": "Transition Metal", an encounter between the music of Richard Wagner and Noneuclid. In 2011 Linus Klausenitzer joined the band he is most known for: Obscura. This Technical Death Metal Band distinguished themselves and their unique brand of music via the tasteful use of virtuosity, vocal effects, fretless bass, philosophical underpinnings and other elements rarely touched on in extreme metal. Linus started extensive touring on multiple world tours with such renowned artists as Children of Bodom.
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