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Paulo Gallegos

Current Band:Independent
Services:Drum Lessons, Drum Session Work, Drum Tech., Drums, Session Drums
Bio:I have been playing drums for the last 15 years, at first I was a guitar player, then I became as a drummer. My first music experience was with my first banda Kroda, we made 6 songs EP, 300 copies. Then I played with another metal band, Ciudad Santa, we recorded 8 songs album, 500 copies. Few years later, after many gigs with local bands, in 2005, BASCA call me interested to be their new drummer. We started a new record called "Resucita", 10000 copies sold, 4 years tour around Ecuador and Colombia. At the same time we made a DVD called "Resistiremos", 2000 copies sold. In 2007 we remake the first Basca Albums, "Hijos de... / Tierras Nefastas" into a double studio CD, with 4000 copies sold. In 2014 we started to create our last album "Siniestro" recorded between 2014 and 2015 by the moment with 3000 copies sold. I played with BASCA last 12 years, winning a lot of awards around Ecuador. At the same time I'm have been playing with other projects like Steelbox, this year we are producing the first album in a Classic Rock style, also with Hangover like a drummer and Rider's like a guitar player. On tour with Basca we made in 2014, 2 shows in NY, and 2 more in 2016, also we made a couple of shows in Colombia last year. Also I worked with local artist like a session drummer producing and recording drum tracks on my studio. I have my own rent drum company, DrumSmart, providing drum kits to artists like: Sepultura, Mago de Oz, Angeles del Infierno, Draco Rosa, Mortal Sin, Biohazard, Barón Rojo. Like a teacher, I have been teaching for 9 years in some local drum schools and private lessons in my home studio. By the moment I have 12 drum students between 6 and 30 years. TOUR: - Steelbox 12, March, 2016 - Steelbox 19, March, 2016 - Basca 25 March, 2016 - Steelbox 25, March, 2016 - Basca 01, April, 2016 - Rider's 08, April, 2016 - Hangover 09, April, 2016 - Hangover 15, April, 2016 - Steelbox 22, April, 2016 - Steelbox 20, May, 2016 - Basca
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