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Juliana Novo

Current Band:Crucifixion BR
Associations:Dremora, Noctis Notus
Services:Drums, Live/Touring Drummer, Session Drums, Session Vocals, Vocals
Bio:I have been playing drums since I was 19, for the brazilian Blackened Death Metal band Crucifixion BR. I'm self taught. About six months later I was already playing in my first gig with this band, in 1999. I have played in many gigs since then, and shared the stage with Nervochaos, Krisiun, Dark Funeral, Gama Bomb, etc. In 2000 we released a live CD named 'Live Possession', then in 2002 we've released two studio demo-CD's, named 'Diabolical Profecies' and 'In The Shadows Of the Obscurity'. In 2011 we have released our first EP 'War Against Christian Souls' through Satanica Productions from New Zealand, and in 2014 we have released the full-length album "Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ" in the US through HPGD Productions, and in Brazil through Shinigami Records, and this album has received lots of great reviews around the world, and we have been featured in many compilations around the world, such as Extreme Metal Mu-Sick by Extreminal Webzine from Turkey (alongside Master and other bands), Most Unholy Convergence II by Satanica Productions, the first Brazilian Female Drummers Comp by Hi Hat Girls Mag, Upcoming Hell #8 by Hell Divine Magazine and Brutal Beatings XII by Sick Drummer Magazine. I've been interviewed by Sick Drummer Magazine from USA on the issue 28, the first woman ever to be interviewed by this extreme drumming magazine. We already have played at live on the TV program 'Radar' from Brazil. My inspirations come from many metal styles, mostly death and black metal, such as: Igor Cavalera, Pete Sandoval, Dave Lombardo, Gene Hoglan, Nicholas Barker, Hellhammer, Inferno, Max Kolesne, etc. Check out our official video 'Eternal Judgement'
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