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Charles Elliott

Current Band:Abysmal Dawn
Associations:Abysmal Dawn, Death To All, Death, Bereft
Services:Engineering, Guitar Lessons, Guitar Session Work, Mastering, Mixing, Producing, Session Vocals
Bio:Charles was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and has been playing guitar for 20 years. His first serious band was a death / thrash group that he played guitar in named Inhuman Visions. It was in this band and at an early age that he first got to share the stage with acts like Death, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Nile, Emperor, and many more. He attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and soon after he had a stint the symphonic blackened death metal band, Rise. But it wasn't until that he formed and fronted his own band, Abysmal Dawn, that he truly found his calling. Since then he has gone on to put out 4 critically acclaimed records, toured the world, and even fronted the first Death To All tour (benefit for Chuck Schuldiner of Death).
Overall Rating: 5.00(5.0/5.0)




You will get exactly what you're looking for from one of the premiere Metal vocalist in the world. Perfect performance and it was done in a timely manner