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Jocke Skog

Current Band:Clawfinger - Feared - Åfysatan
Associations:The Haunted, After The Burial, Bleeding Utopia, Die Krupps, Entombed, Nightrage, Scar Symmetry, The Resistance, CS:GO Music Kits
Services:Mastering, Mixing, Producing, Remixes
Bio:Producer, engineer, and a musician with a history in the band Clawfinger since 1992 and more recently Feared and Åfysatan. I've been producing and mixing bands (including Remixes) since the mid-90s but went full retard in 2001 when my band Clawfinger bought a studio together with the Swedish math-metal godfathers in the band Meshuggah. I'm currently working close with several companies, including Valve Software and Fortin Amplification. The rest of the time I'm re-amping, recording, mixing and mastering all sorts of metal music.
Overall Rating: 5.00(5.0/5.0)




After recording, we were looking for someone to mix and master our tracks. We have heard Jocke's mixing and mastering on the recordings of some of our favorite bands, so Jocke was the first name to came to mind. He was very flexible and his price was affordable. Despite the time difference while communicating, Jocke really came through and delivered some outstanding songs for us, and his mix and mastering really embellished our songs. He also provided different masters for different formats (streaming, vinyl, CD, etc.) We'd work with Jocke again if he's not busy! A+