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Jocke Skog

Current Band:Clawfinger - Feared - Åfysatan
Associations:The Haunted, After The Burial, Bleeding Utopia, Die Krupps, Entombed, Nightrage, Scar Symmetry, The Resistance, CS:GO Music Kits
Services:Mastering, Mixing, Producing, Remixes
Bio:Producer, engineer, and a musician with a history in the band Clawfinger since 1992 and more recently Feared and Åfysatan. I've been producing and mixing bands (including Remixes) since the mid-90s but went full retard in 2001 when my band Clawfinger bought a studio together with the Swedish math-metal godfathers in the band Meshuggah. I'm currently working close with several companies, including Valve Software and Fortin Amplification. The rest of the time I'm re-amping, recording, mixing and mastering all sorts of metal music.
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