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Aliz AJ

Current Band:Back to Eden, Holy Diver
Services:Session Vocals, Vocals
Bio:If you're looking for a professionally-trained heavy metal vocalist, I'm your guy. My versatile 3-octave vocal can deliver your song as how you've envisioned it - be it heavy metal with power and grit, or power ballads with clean heartfelt vocals. If I fail to deliver, don't pay me a single cent. \m/ Best if you have lyrics + vox melody ready! My background: My vocal journey began when I was 17. I've been coached and/or studied techniques by: Mark Baxter (coached Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Scott Weiland (Velvet Revolver) Jaime Vendera (he cracked wineglasses on Mythbusters, coached Miles Kennedy, James LaBrie (Dream Theater) Catherine Sadolin's Complete Vocal Technique Eli Prinsen's Hybrid Vocal Technique Paule Enso's Rapid Vocal Results (current) Currently, I'm in a Ronnie James Dio tribute band (Holy Diver), and also a few other local bands in Melbourne, Australia. I've performed live countless times for various bands covering rock/metal hits, and have recorded a few EPs professionally. My vocal style and melodies are heavily influenced by a mix Dio and Judas Priest. Ultimately, what you're getting is a completely unique and attention-grabbing vocal sound for your song.
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