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Alex Nasla

Current Band:Solaria, Desert Dragon, In Virtue, Spectre Sound Studio's (Glenn Fricker), Samus Paulicelli
Services:Documentaries, Engineering, Live Shoots, Mastering, Mixing, Photography, Producing, Session Keys, Session Vocals, Studio Booking, Vocals, Webisodes
Bio:I have been involved in audio production for about 8 years now. I have worked with all kinds of bands and artists in both the music industry and the movie industry. I joined Gear Gods shortly after it was started and I do most of the recording and post production of the demos and videos we put out. I also write for the site, I mostly take care of anything relating to Pro Audio, Recording, Production and Keyboards. I am also constantly doing session keys and full audio production projects for people bands all over the world. I also started my own Audio Software company with a couple of friends called Rosen Digital which you maybe familiar with our Guitar Cab IR
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