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Tim Draksler

Current Band:Cordura , Cvinger , Marax, Tim Draksler Project
Associations:Cordura, Marax, Cvinger, Dalkhu, Eliminator, Decilence, Dyz Wardance, A Fallen Mind, Gonoba, Panikk, Interceptor, Kaotic Bullets, Chlamydia, RUSTED, Tim Draksler project, Cordurum
Services:Guitar Lessons, Guitar Session Work, Guitar Tech., Live/Touring Guitarist, Session Bass, Session Guitars, Song Writing
Bio:Tim Draksler is an Slovenian metal guitarist. Tim plays guitar, bass, synth, piano. He has worked with many bands in the past. His first band was called Eliminator and it was an Slovenian Thrash Metal band. In year 2008 they released the demo " And You Think You're Holy? ". In 2010 Decilence (renamed from Eliminator ) recorded the EP "From Beyond Matter" which was never released because the band had split off in the vocal recording process. They released only a single Spheric Chaos. In 2011 Tim had been a guest on a track of an Slovenian metal guitarist Dyz Wardance. In the same year Tim had been also a guest on the album of Bryce Kain (A Fallen Mind). In 2012 he released his own Ep - Morbid Desire. On the Ep the guest solo was done by Josh Christian (TOXIK). After the EP release Tim started to work on the material for his future band Cordura. In year 2012 Tim was also invited to do some guest solos for the upcoming releases of bands Gonoba and Panikk. Also in year 2012 Tim become the guitarist of the legendary Slovenian band Interceptor. Together they recorded the album 2.0 Svet which was released in 2014 via the new band name Kaotic Bullets. In 2013 he released with his new band Cordura the album Astral Projection. After the album release they played alot of gigs and festivals. In year 2013 Tim recorded a solo for a contest Guitar Messenger Solo Competition Entry and he has come into Top 50 of the contest. Tim also took place on The Mayones Regius/Seymour Duncan Competition. In year 2013 Tim recorded some guest solos for a project Chlamydia and he was also a guest on the album of Grega Habič. Also in year 2013 Tim done some guest solos for the band Rusted from Chile. After year 2013 Tim has worked on his music. This year on 9. December Tim will release with his band Cordura the second album Pantheon of Bionic Gods. He will release also a Tab book and record a Instructor DVD for the Cordura music. Till the end of year 2016 he will also release the second solo EP -
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