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Current Band:Dead By Wednesday, David Ellefson's Sleeping Giants (solo band), Earth, Formerly G-Soul
Services:Commercials, Documentaries, Drum Lessons, Drum Production, Drum Session Work, Drum Tech., Drummer Management, Drums, Live/Touring Drummer, Music Business Consulting, Producing, Session Drums, Song Writing
Bio:My name is Opus.. They call me "Opus The Dopest".. I was born in Rome, Italy but now based out of New Haven, CT. area where I also grew up. I started off on pots & pans in front of my grandparents driveway playing to the cars driving by... Then I discovered KISS & wanted to be like them... I quickly found & bought a piece of crap orange sparkly drum set from a tag sale on the side of the road for $30 with my paper route money with out my parents approval and proceeded to literally beat on it every day until I figured out my coordination. I wasn’t very good but tried to play along to music like “Shout at the devil" from Motley Crue amongst others until eventually I got the basics. I then took a year or so of lessons to learn the basics, what I was doing wrong, how to read a bit, & from there I flourished on my own being self taught by picking up cool stuff from other drum players & also from studying different techniques from the internet. I’m influenced by John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland, Tommy Lee, Lars Ulrich, Dave Lombardo, Vinnie Paul, Bill Ward, Charlie Benante, Nick Menza, Alex Van Halen, to name a few. I booked my very first show out live with my first punk band at age 13 & never looked back. I've been playing & touring ever since & never even took a break or stopped to look back. I've accomplished some amazing accolades while still being independent like playing at Woodstock '99 with my previous band Gargantua Soul & then from there jamming with high level pro well known grammy award nominated musicians like David Ellefson of Megadeth, Frank Bello of Anthrax, Marc Rizzo of Soulfly, The Bullet Boys, & more! I play in my own current original project called Dead By Wednesday on Combat Records. I am currently endorsed by Vic firth drums sticks & Trinity Cymbals. I learn quick, can play many styles, have my pass port, have a great ear, & have a great attitude. My passion for music is like a burning flame… Yes, it has gone up & down at times thro
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