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Tim Suselbeek

Current Band:Warshell
Associations:Warshell - Last Fear - Chainsaw
Services:Commercials, Drum Production, Engineering, Graphic Artist, Guitar Session Work, Guitar Tech., Mastering, Mixing, Orchestration, Producing, Remixes, Session Guitars, Song Writing, Studio Booking
Bio:Hi my name is Tim Suselbeek. I am a Sound engineer that lives near the city boundaries of Amsterdam. All my life I had a dream of becoming a mix engineer. After I saw big studio engineers like Chris Lord Alge and Eyal Levi, I instantly knew what I wanted to do with my life. They are working with so much joy and so much passion for music that it is truly inspirational. So I have followed several studies for sound, music and theater, all in the hope of becoming a great mix engineer. Followed some great audio engineers giving vital tips and tricks that would be useful in the audio field, completed a lot of audio courses and followed the masterclasses of some very big names like Deadmou5 and Legendary Hans Zimmer. I even re-did a complete film project by myself for a final school project. But more importantly I practiced in mixing, by doing it as often as possible. My first complete project is probably the first Warshell EP, and I learned a lot from that. After that I went onto the Cambridge site for source material and got into a stem share group on Facebook with a lot of good content. Recently I even got into Nail the Mix to get some great source material and very nice inside information and tips on how certain mixers achieved certain types of music or styles that they were aiming for. So overall it’s been a great ride so far and it’s only going to get better. I am gaining more experience with every mix I do and am learning more every step of the way.
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