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Diego Zapatero

Current Band:Lost In Thought, Melodius Deite
Services:Photography, Session Keys
Bio:Diego Zapatero (1982) is a Spanish-born pianist from Zaragoza, Spain. While in Spain, Diego had a prominent career in Business administration and marketing. However, a shift in interest led him to a background of piano composition and eventually a passion for photography. During his time in Spain, he would go on to professionally collaborate with various groups, including notable blues artists. Diego also has notable work composing music for various spots and documentaries. In 2010, Diego would undertake a memorable journey from Spain to the Indonesian island of Java where he would cover one of the world's most active volcanoes, Merapi. There he fell in love with the city of Yogyakarta where he was fortunate enough to gain a three-year scholarship to the Indonesian Institute of Arts for photojournalism and documentary photography with a focus on visualizing human stories and Indonesian Culture. He is also involved with playing gamelan and performing alongside flamenco artists. His goal in Southeast Asia is to seek deep, genuine stories to express his passion for photo documentary projects. Cultural exploration resides in his veins and he is motivated by a desire to engulf himself in his love for Indonesian culture. These projects include capturing tribal tattoo art in the remote parts of Borneo and photographing traditional dance in the densely populated area of Java.
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