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Chris Cannella

Current Band:Autumn's End
Associations:Autumn's End, N17, Gorgoroth, Queensryche, Helstar, Rorschach Test, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, ESP Guitars, Mesa Boogie, Dunlop, EMG, Line 6
Services:Guitar Lessons, Guitar Session Work, Live/Touring Guitarist, Producing, Vocal Lessons, Vocals
Bio:What can I say. this is my artist page. Who am I? I have been in the music scene actively since 1991 in a band called Kyrin with Jason Kowalski. before that it was all garage jams and fun with friends. after Kyrin disbanded in 1993 Kowalski and I helped form the AZ infamous N17. that got signed to Slip Disc records/ Mercury and we toured and did all the cool stuff one is supposed to do including get jacked by the label and make no money. Together we played in Mission 66 and toured with Rorschach Test. after which we amicably went into different directions. I then formed the first inception of Autumn's End. which really did well in the AZ market but needed to evolve. During these times I started working in the Musical Instruments side of the industry at Fender under the Jackson Guitars brand.There i grew as a business/ Product manager as well as a clinician and Artist Relations manager. Eventually was moved over to work direct with Eddie van Halen on his brand EVH which they worked with a killer team for the next 5 years. During this time I was able to relase AE albums like Act of Attrition and the Siren's Lament. Also doing some guest performances for bands like Gorgoroth, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Queensryche and more. After which the changes in the Fender corporation gave way and it was time to move on and I was recruited by ESP guitars. at this point I took some time off pf playing live to focus on my new career and family. but truth be told I am a musician and family man foirst and Autumn's End needs to be alive. Fortunately Jason Kowalski came back into my world and we built a new amazing AE and we are working on releasing a new album this year with material i re-wrote and recorded over 5 times until it was right. Its time is NOW!
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