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Stephen Wilkinson

Current Band:Repulsive, Pteroglyph, Scryre, Plagueship, News Corpse
Associations:Slaughter Throne, Narayana, Tyrant
Services:Drum Session Work, Drums, Live Shoots, Live/Touring Drummer, Session Drums
Bio:Born in November 1990, Stephen has been surrounded by music for most of his life. By the time he started learning to play drums when he was 12, he had already been playing Classical Guitar, Alto Saxophone and Recorders for 5 years. Having performed in many Classical and Jazz-oriented orchestras, bands and ensembles, Stephen began performing with small local Rock and Metal Bands in his hometown of Swindon from when he was 13. Upon starting his Music BA degree course at Leeds University, Stephen immediately sought-out like-minded musicians to form a local Thrash Metal band called Tyrant, who went on to perform at over 150 shows across Yorkshire, even sharing the stage with the likes of Xerath, Evil Scarecrow, Exist Immortal and many more. Since then, Stephen has gone-on to join - and is currently still performing with - Scryre (formerly Terra Omnia), Pteroglyph, Newscorpse, Repulsive and Plagueship. He has also had the pleasure of performing with Slaughter Throne and Narayana, and still receives many requests to perform with other local bands, building on his reputation as a formidable drummer. With his vast knowledge and experience of performing live and recording, and with his extensive Classical training, Stephen can instantly adapt to different musical environments and can add his own flare and ideas to any songs.
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