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Asher Media Relations

Services:Public Relations (PR)
Bio:Jon Asher, known for being a regular fixture on the Montreal music scene, founded ASHER MEDIA RELATIONS in September 2007 to aid Indie bands in celebrating their headbanging tunes to the world. A musician himself, and a McGill University graduate in public relations, Jon had his epiphany – to help out the struggling artists and help them gain the attention they need to support their music. He has worked with a number of artists such as Gene Hoglan (Testament, Death, SYL, Fear Factory), Quo Vadis, Fuck The Facts, Striker, Psychostick, Necronomicon, Hibria, Titans Eve, Kill Devil Hill ft. Rex Brown (Pantera) + Vinny Appice (DIO, Black Sabbath)), Drum Wars (Vinny Appice vs. Carmine Appice), Nephelium, Ninjaspy, Scythia, All Else Fails, Auroch, Fatality, Sanktuary, Mutank, Test Your Metal Records, Wacken Metal Battle Canada/USA, Farmageddon Open Air, Armstrong Metal Fest, ShrEdmonton, Black Mourning Light, Loud As Hell MetalFest, CEMR MetalFest, Calgary Metalfest, Obscene Extreme America Fest and many more. He has also guest lectured at McGill University on Music Publicity for the public relations program plus speaking on panels for Alberta Music, Indie Week Music Fest (Toronto), Noctis Fest (Calgary), Halifax Pop Explosion and mentoring sessions at SXSW.
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