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Alex Baillie

Current Band:Cognizance
Associations:Soulfracture, XisforEyes, Romain Goulon, Irradiance
Services:Guitar Lessons, Guitar Session Work, Session Guitars, Song Writing
Bio:Alex is primarily known for his songwriting and prominent guitar abilities in the UK based Technical Death Metal band Cognizance. The popular Cognizance single 'The Sucession of Flesh' was featured on Eyal Levi's Creative live class where the songwriting, guitar parts and mix was dissected and complimented by various professionals, this song has also featured as part of the 'Nail the Mix' series. However, Alex has also played in numerous other bands since the age of 16 including Melodic Death Metal band Soulfracture (Thirty Days of Night Records) and Symphonic Metal band XisforEyes. In addition Alex has also done session work for Romain Goulon (Necrophagist) and arranged/recorded rhythm guitars for French Progressive Metal band Irradiance. Fresh back from tracking new Cognizance at Hertz studio (Decapitated, Vader, Hate, Behemoth) Alex is looking to take on some new musical challenges.
Overall Rating: 5.00(5.0/5.0)




Alex not only composed a part PERFECT for the song but he was extremely accommodating. I would rate him as one of the best experiences I have had on this site. Would wholeheartedly recommend his work! Hire Alex, you wont be disappointed.


Alex is an amazing guitarist , quick turnaround and platinum performance!