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Ahrue Luster

Current Band:Ill Niño
Associations:Ill Niño, Machine Head, Manmade God, The Horde of Torment, Terror Universal
Services:Guitar Session Work, Mixing, Producing, Session Guitars, Song Writing
Bio:From the age of 14, I knew that I wanted to play loud, heavy music as a career. Metal was the soundtrack to my troubled teens and it helped me through my most difficult times. Through a combination of hard work, belief and a little luck, I've been able to live my dream and lead a career immersed in the music that I love. For 18 years, I've been sharing stages around the world with the bands that I idolized as a teenager as well as cutting-edge bands that are pushing music into the future. As the lead guitarist of Ill Niño and the former lead guitarist of Machine Head, I've sold over 1.5 million records. Many of the songs that I've co-written and performed on have seen regular rotation at radio, some of which are still played today. Producing seemed like a natural progression for me since I've always been fascinated with anything that involves creating and recording music. I've been graced with the opportunity of working beside some of the mega-producers that have helped shape three decades of rock and metal music including; Ross Robinson, Terry Date, Johny K, Colin Richardson, Andy Johns, Dan Korneff and Eddie Wohl. The knowledge that I've absorbed through working with these men is an invaluable treasure and shapes the way that I approach my productions. With every production I strive to do my best, to honor the lineage of musicians and producers that I’m now part of. My mission with illustrious productions is to work with inspired bands and artists to co-create real, pure music that will speak to people in the same way that music first spoke to me as a teenager.
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