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Christopher Amott

Current Band:Armageddon
Associations:Arch Enemy, Armageddon
Services:Guitar Lessons, Producing, Session Guitars, Song Writing
Bio:Christopher Amott started his career in music in 1995 as a founding creative force and guitarist in Arch Enemy, a death metal band hailing from his home country of Sweden. In this context, he is known for his tastefully technical guitar work and memorably emotive playing style. After working as a solo artist and relocating to the United States, Christopher is now focusing on touring and recording with his own band Armageddon. Other projects include working as a songwriter and composer for other artists, working on his upcoming instructional guitar DVD, teaching, and giving guitar clinics.
Overall Rating: 5.00(5.0/5.0)




Excellent and professional service. Great communication and tailored the work as per feedback. Highly recommended and would use again.